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The First Email, The First Tweet, And 13 Other Famous Internet Firsts

Cool list of online firsts…

Size doesn't matter, but quality does when it comes to journalism

Yahoo’s purchase of a 17-year-old’s app that summarizes news articles into byte-sized chunks doesn’t mean journalists need to write short and sweet. They can, but there’s still room for long and meaty. It’s all in the quality of writing, even in our mobile, techified age.

More reasons to focus on mobile news

70% of smartphone users rely on their mobile devices to get local information.

Will Google glasses force news orgs to change the way we think (again)?

On the SPJ Net Worked blog: My take on a story about how news will change because of devices like Google Glasses.

VIDEO: Student journalist recounts experience covering protesters at Obama inaugural. 

Rob Denton, a junior at the University of Colorado’s Journalism and Mass Communications program and one of the managing editors of, was one of 14 students chosen to help cover Barack Obama’s second inauguration for PBS Newshour. Here’s a 10-minute video he produced about his experience covering protests by Westboro Baptist Church.

New Augmented Reality App Makes Japanese Newspaper into a Game for Kids

Smart or too little too late to save the print edition?

Colorado journalists: Enter the SPJ-Colorado Chapter Top of the Rockies Contest!

New and improved! Lower fees (free for the first entry for SPJ members, and low cost per entry for non-members)! Also open for SPJ Region 9 states: Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah….

  • The circulation classifications have changed
  • We have new categories
  • It’s regional: it really is the “best of the west.” 

New York Times says it was hacked for past four months by China

This is pretty frightening…

Why hyperlocal websites like New Raleigh can't make money online

Is this a portent of the future of “hyperlocal” sites?

AOL says one out of nine Patch sites are profitable

That’s 100 hyperlocal sites out of 900 that are making money. It’s a very long haul for AOL to make Patch a business model that works. I still wish ‘em luck, since AOL was the first to try a form of “hyperlocal” way back in the day, in 1996, when I ran Digital City Denver for them….