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Crunchyroll founder Kun Gao's predictions for the state of streaming video in 2013

Kun Gao knows streaming media — he’s the founder of, a site that streams anime and Korean dramas via licensing deals with studios.

Three newspapers that are making a profit... and three that aren't

Some names aren’t surprising… but the Omaha World-Herald?

We regret the error... Best media mistakes & corrections of 2012

Should the Wash Post Expand Local or Give Up the Ghost? #journalism tries next step of digital advertising, puts advertisers' blogs online #journalism

Important topic: Do digital media/social media call for new code of ethics, esp. for journalists?

Some great food for thought here: Journalists regularly copy and paste tweets and Facebook updates in coverage of stories. But what are the implications of this for privacy, journalistic ethics and copyright? And what happens when we copy and paste, retweet, share or otherwise broadcast comments by minors, without permission, without asking minors’ parents for permission? The times, they are a-changing, indeed….

Digital Media Workshop by Steve Buttry was enlightening, entertaining & inspiring

Buttry is Digital Transformation Editor for Digital First Media, the company that operates the newspaper and television properties of both Journal Register Company and MediaNews Group. A veteran newspaper journalist who has embraced the new order of digital media, he knows a lot and shares a lot. The students and staff (very few faculty, unfortunately) at CU’s journalism program benefited from five hours with the man.

Grilled T-bone w/ smoked grilled Anaheim pepper, mushrooms grilled w/ Matsutake, salad w/ Shiso leaves. #twEATs  (Taken with Instagram)
Dwight Mark, chief pig roaster (Taken with Instagram)
Six hours in La Caja China roasting box. Wow, mouth-watering! #twEATs  (Taken with Instagram)