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Former Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple surveys where his staff are today, 2 years after the paper was shut down

Life does go on, though an institution may have passed. The shutdown is still fresh in many former News staffers — I know more than a few who are still looking. But many have found new jobs and outlets for their journalism. More power to them.

I have to ask the nasty question, though: I wonder how many readers still think about the Rocky Mountain News? Is it only when they want to see an opposing opinion to the remaining paper, the Denver Post? Or if a story they think the News would have covered is not covered by the Post, or the weeklies, or the suburban papers, or TV stations?

Does the passing of the News, even though it was an institution, leave a scar on the media-consuming public? Or is it only a lasting ache for those of us in the media, or worked at the Rocky?

Here’s Temple’s more in-depth analysis of his former staff’s current careers, along with their responses to his query.

  • 28 February 2011
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