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Words of wisdom for student news orgs from Digital First's Steve Buttry

Buttry riffs off the recent video from the U of Oregon’s Daily Emerald about changing its business model and going — you guessed it — digital first. There’s a lot of sage advice here, including stuff I’ll discuss with my staff at the CU Independent.

False Paterno death reports highlight journalists’ hunger for glory

Cautionary tale. Key quote from Jim Brady: “If you’re right and first, no one remembers. If you’re first and wrong, everyone remembers.”

Univ. of Kentucky bans student reporter from basketball team because he tried to interview players w/o permission

I know from first-hand experience here at the University of Colorado and from my staff at the CU Independent that universities place a lot of rules on student media, and require strict adherence to various levels of protocol on whom student journalists can contact directly and whom they can’t. But this kid at UK was being a good journalist, following up on a breaking story he saw leaking out via Twitter, and using publicly available sources to try and contact a couple of new basketball players.

Banning him seems awful extreme…. Would the team do that to a sports reporter from the local daily, or a TV station, for enterprise reporting and tracking down breaking news? Or is this part of the “learning environment” of a student media organization?

Having said that, I once covered the bankruptcy of a Denver concert promoter for the local alt-weekly (the mainstream media ignored the story) and the promoter banned me from shows for a year, so I suppose pettiness against media can strike anytime, from anywhere.

Run to a New Tomorrow: Collegian named one of top 3 newspapers in the country


Great to see my old paper kicking ass and taking names! I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the award is for last academic year’s edition, meaning that for at least part of the time I was photo editor. Do I add this to a resume or anything?


The Collegian got the…

Congrats to the staff at the Collegian — CSU should be proud of their accomplishment!

(via 1chigo1chie)

5 reasons why working for your college newspaper (website) is a smart career decision

I can’t agree more. I’m the adivser for the CU Independent, the online news source for the University of Colorado run by students in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (yes, the one that’s probably gonna be “discontinued” and morph into a new journalism program), and the students who work for the CUI say unequivocally that they learn more from being on the staff is an important learning experience they don’t get from their classes.