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Passing it on is the new media: Sharing, re-blogging, re-tweeting on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter

You don’t need to create original content, you can pass on content. It’s a new way to think of media and authoring. “…in future, the most viral stories are going to have a life of their own, being shared across many different platforms and being read by people who will never visit the original site on which they were published.”

Is Facebook the local news source of the future?

News orgs: Post to Facebook at noon for peak engagement

Is Twitter massively over-rated? New study ranks Americans' use of social media

These numbers don’t surprise me, because we’re still in a transitional stage. As the writer points out, Facebook wasn’t the 900-pound gorilla just a couple of years ago. We’ll see where Twitter goes in the coming years. Maybe it’ll always be relegated to a core of fanatic uber-users and never quite break into the mainstream like Facebook did.

How are print and broadcast newsrooms using Twitter, Facebook & other social media?

Increasingly, for breaking news. but too many still have automated feeds with no personality or human voice that just promote links to articles.

Can Facebook become a better news reporting tool than Twitter?

The thought of dumping a news website and just going with a Facebook page may not be as crazy as it seems… except of course for the advertising issues. Which is why it won’t happen except for at very small community news outlets.

Report: More than 400,000 Facebook users will die in 2011

I guess it’s inevitable, when more than 600 million people “live” in the Facebook community. I’ve known people who’ve died and their Facebook walls became kind of a spontaneous online tribute. Still, it’s kind of a morbid factoid that three Facebook users die every minute. 

SiliconAlley Insider's Chart of the Day: #1 reason people don't sign up for Facebook isn't privacy

Nope, the #1 reason people refuse to join Facebook is that they think FB is a waste of time. Can’t argue with that…. but it’s still where a huge chunk of the world’s media audience is wasting their time. If you want to reach people, you go where the people are.

Is Japanese culture preventing Facebook from gaining more than 2% of the country's online users?

Facebook is the 5-thousand pound gorilla in the United States, but it can’t catch a break in Japan. the NYT takes a look at why…..

Mark Zuckerberg And An Army Of Insurgent Entrepreneurs Just Declared War On The TV, Music, News, And Movie Industries

Interesting. This one snuck by me yesterday…