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Miami Herald needs to learn the difference between "nationality" & "ethnicity." #linsanity

Just as a matter of clarification, the Miami Herald’s writer Greg Cote and his editors are confusing “nationality” with “ethnicity.” Nationality refers to the country of one’s citizenship, therefore Lin is American. His ethnicity is Asian American, or more specifically, he’s of Taiwanese descent or heritage. It may seem like a little thing, but the lack of understanding of these terms is a reflection of peoples’ general ignorance of Asian America, and of the race-related issues that have put a damper on Lin’s sensational story the past couple of weeks. The mainstream media more than anyone should be careful and accurate, and not fall into easy assumptions and incorrect terminology.

How ESPN published “Chink in the Armor” Jeremy Lin headline & what’s happened since

I’m just about Linned out with coverage. If anyone wants to see my views and lots of links and video, start with this blog post:  

From Tom Huang on Three things journalists can learn from "Linsanity"

Words journalists should take to heart as they continue to cover the Jeremy Lin phenomenon.